Vacanze studio campus Lezioni di lingua a domicilio con docenti madrelingua: inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo
Vacanze studio campus      Lezioni di lingua a domiciliocon docenti madrelingua:inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo

Mother tongue teachers in Rome: English and other languages at home

Fashion Institute Roma, Istituto Lingue a Domicilio offers to its students, of all ages and of every level, lessons and modern education at home, innovative and interactive in today's most widespread languages and useful for work, travels, studies, with certified mother tongue teachers.

Through lessons given by mother tongue teachers come from all over the world, the institute offers lessons able to satisfy from who's is at his first approaches to who needs to make a deepened and professional study of today's most popular languages, first of all English, at unbeatable prices and at extremely convenient financial terms.

All our teachers are certified and “selected” based on their expertise and experience; all the teachers have a professional and direct relationship with our school, whether they collaborators, employees or professionals. The relation between the client and the school is autonomous regarding contractual, administrative and educational relationships. The logistical and organizational part, instead, for example changes in lesson's schedule, specific educational contents, teacher's agenda, are left to the relationship between the teacher and the client, in order to support flexibility and velocity in decisions.

The name Fashion Institute is based on the word ''Fashion'' interpreted as a mode, a manner,... of doing things ''in a good way'', of thinking about the investment of our costumer in the learning of the foreign language, which objective is passing the tests, the challenges of the school, of professional life.


Go straight to the ''our offer'' section or click on the single taught language to know the price for hour, the packages offers, the specific lessons and the characteristics of the Teachers.

We are in Rome, active inside and just outside from the Grande Raccordo Anulare, without any extra costs.

Try to check the coverage in your area calling our numbers 06 9761 6881 and 346 8930171.

Discover to who our courses and private lessons are pointed to.

Organize, also, your after-school activities, movies in their original language commented by the teachers, trips abroad, street English.


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The lesson is free if the solution proposed doesn't follow your expectations; is a payment lesson if, instead, you'll continue the course and the private lessons.


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Availability 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7:

  • Do you need a whole night to prepare exams or tomorrow's working interview?

  • Do you have a university exam, an oral test at school and you need the entire day before to get ready for it?

  • Do you have a technical conference call tomorrow and you need to create in power point or in  another program your speech?

  • Today is Saturday, Sunday and you need to study?


We make a team of professionals available for your targets... We have a lesson with you at any time! Try it! EVERY TIME!!!



We release invoices or receipts for all the services supplied.

Only in this way you can verify the possible deduction and/or subtraction of the costs supported forr your update, your education or your children' s one, of your employees.


Do you want to try asking the emission of the receipt or of the invoice to who comes to your house giving private lessons, illegally? Good luck!!!

We are the only school at home with real mother tongue teachers.

Why don't you try to verify the origin of our teachers? Book a lesson, send us an e-mail and we will send you teachers' data that follow you or can follow you: where were they born, their origins and their education, their past school, their CURRICULUM VITAE. Do you want to try doing the same thing with other companies or institutes at home?

Maxim flexibility in the management of the lesson and in the choice of the teacher.

Our method is based on the maxim flexibility in the organization of the hours of lesson: talk to your teacher, organize with him the frequency, the duration, the themes of the lessons; organize intensive courses, in the week end, late night in the comfort of your living-room, by Skype, one-to-one.

Do you want to change teacher in order to hear an other pronunciation? You can!

Do you want to have some lessons on Skype? You can!

Do you want to have some lessons at the headquarters? You can!

Do you want to know other students and chat with them, share your experiences? You can!




Click on the button down below: “Ask for information”

You can ask:

1. To be contacted by phone,

2. A simple answer to you question by mail

3. The availability for an appointment at your place or at one of our teachers' place, without any obligation,

4. An appointment on Skype with your teacher in order to have a first meeting completely free and without obligation.

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Fashion Institute Rome

Leave a simple message on the landline or send a text even empty to the cellular number. You'll be called back in few minutes. Even the simple call to the landline while is occupied or not available will register your number and we will call you back immediately.

Landline: 0697616881

Mobile phone: 3468930171

E-mail address:


Ask for information


                            Find your proposal - look at our contents

- Find out how we do lesson for kids starting from 18months

- Help with the conditional advancement to the next grade ( high school)

- University exams

- European certifications for language knowledge

- Business English

- Conversation

- Phonetic

- The other languages at home


Customized courses

The courses are customized and aimed to any target. Contact us and share with us your targets and your educational, time and organizational needs. We will adapt to your needs.

Do you want to take an examination for a certification? Do you want your children to study English? Do you attend university?

Do it with us, the first lesson is free and without any obligation.

Our Curriculum

Fashion Institute Rome, English school at home

Fashion Institute Rome, Languages School at Home, offers courses and lessons built on your needs.

No schedules or hard courses. No old workbooks or old books proposed again.

The Languages at Home Institute is made only of mother tongue teachers, coming from the United States or from the U.K. regarding English, and makes lessons at your place, in the full comfort of your home or your office, supported by an organization with more than 10 years of experience in teaching adults, teenagers, kids, for certifications, in business.


Do you want to change teacher after a few lessons in order to listen a different pronunciation? With us you can!

Do you want to leave for work or for your holidays but you don't want to miss your weekly lesson? We do lessons on Skype! You don't want or you can't host anyone in your house in the lesson day? Come to us!


The security, the certainty and the reliability of a school, with tested and controlled methods, that chooses carefully its teachers and evaluates their professionalism, continuously monitoring their work and for who we fully respond regarding their professionalism and skills, linked to the comfort of the private lessons, at home, at your timetable, according to your needs.

It doesn't matter where you live in Rome or close to it; we serve the whole city, even outside the raccordo. We are not scared by your timetables or the days in which you can have the lesson: from 12 am to 12 pm we are at your disposal everyday of the week, including Saturdays, Sundays and festivities. WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS!!!

Call us for customized solutions, together we'll find the way. You can come to our headquarters for some or all the lessons.

You can occasionally or exclusively have lessons by Skype, if you want to.

Learn English, German, Russian, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese... with us.