Vacanze studio campus Lezioni di lingua a domicilio con docenti madrelingua: inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo
Vacanze studio campus      Lezioni di lingua a domiciliocon docenti madrelingua:inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo

Campus and Study trips. Abroad: USA and Europe, learn while having fun

Our experiences

Since 2006 the Languages at home institute organizes campus, holiday trips and summer holidays in the United States. Our destinations are: New York, Boston, Miami, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego.

The next departures for teens and adults and for basic and advanced level will be in the first days of May, June, July and August of 2016, with duration choice 15 or 21 days.

The next destination is Miami, Florida, with residence in Miami Beach in an amazing and super centralized accommodation with an educational program focused on interaction in English, in addition to the classes.

Download immediately the trip program at the end of the page and the pdf presentation brochure ( heavier but clear version and lighter version).

Our organization

Our company is not a company.

The Languages at Home Institute at home- Fashion Institute is established in Rome, Milan, Miami, Tokyo; in the USA our company's business name is Fashion Institute Corp and develops educational  activities from many years.

Languages at home doesn't keep the parts in touch, doesn't intermediate between the teachers and American languages schools and who's interested in spending a study travel or a summer holiday  in the United States, doesn't subscribe on behalf of the customer in the Miami's school; all the teachers  are mostly full-time collaborators or employees of the Italian or American school.

During the study trip the student will be followed and supported by the assistants and the teachers all the time and will follow a schedule of educational activities and much more, known since the departure, clear, detailed and specific, thought and and finalized to its linguistic improvement. But remember: these are your holidays and our scheduling it's just an indication; you will organize your free time with full autonomy.


Indeed: about the individual activities that you desire to do without our support, we'll give you all the instruments and the necessary information in order to guarantee safety and useless waists of time.

Again: do you have any desire? A destination that you want to absolutely visit? Do you want to see the NBA Miami Heats, the NFL Dolphins, do you want to go to Cuba and Key Biscane? Do you want to have a different logistical accommodation from the one we propose? Ask for it and we'll organize everything for you.

Clarity and completeness of the costs, effectiveness of the lessons, guaranteed by a continuous and stimulating training, complete an offer that we bet you can't compare with any of our competitors, as talking of contents as of prices.

Find a quote lower than ours and we'll adequate to your price. Pay attention to what is included, in fact: you won't be afraid about having any surprise or disorganization, we're there with you. And then: scholarship, free language lessons when you come back to Italy, health insurance and to cancel the flight, workbooks, group and individual lessons, excursions, super centralized accommodation, transfers a mach, much more.

Keep reading on our website the kinds of  services and packages.

For information:

1) You can use our real time chat at the end of the page

2) You can call our numbers: +39 06 97616881 or +39 346 8930171; if you already are in the USA, call our headquarters at the number +1 786 616-9526 (or send a text also on Whatsapp and we'll call you back);

3) You can write an information request or ask  for the brochure through and we'll send you  customized information and the 2016 brochure;

4) You can fill our on line form at the end of the page.


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