Vacanze studio campus Lezioni di lingua a domicilio con docenti madrelingua: inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo
Vacanze studio campus      Lezioni di lingua a domiciliocon docenti madrelingua:inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo

German Language Lessons

Working opportunities have made Germany, and consequently the German language,

one of the most studied languages in our Institute.

As for English, only who as experience in teaching, in addition to be mother tongue, can teach in our Institute. All of our teachers have the Goethe qualification.


For this language we only have mother tongue teachers that almost always know the italian language too.


Here are our prices.


German languages

Maximum cost per hour: 20,50 euros/hour vat included (16,80 euros plus vat),


. 40 hours 19,50 euros/hour vat included (16,00 euros plus vat)

. 80 hours 18,80 euros/hour (15,40 euros plus vat)




Of course we accept groups of 2, 3 or 4 persons.

From the second person participating in the group is half the price compared to individual lessons' price.

For example:

1 person 20,50 euros per hour

2 persons 15,40 euros per hour each (save 200 euros on 40 hours)

3 persons 13,70 euros per hour each (save 260 euros on 40 hours)

4 persons 12,80 euros per hour each (save 290 euros on 40 hours)


Lessons by Skype

Lessons by Skype are offered, chosen by the costumer, at:

1 euro less per hour vat included or, alternatively, with packages discounts that can be reached at half of the timetable threshold indicated for lessons at home.

For example:

You can pay an hour lesson on Skype 18,50 euros vat included or, alternatively, choose to reach the threshold discount at 20 and 40 hours instead of 40 and 80 hours of lesson.

We suggest lessons of at least an hour and half but it is possible to have one hour or more than two hours lessons.

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