Vacanze studio campus Lezioni di lingua a domicilio con docenti madrelingua: inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo
Vacanze studio campus      Lezioni di lingua a domiciliocon docenti madrelingua:inglese, russo, cinese, spagnolo, arabo, francese, tedesco, arabo

Mother tongue teachers in Rome: English and other languages at home

In the Fashion Institute Rome work mother tongue teachers and tutors at home with experience in every teaching/learning activity at home in Rome. They  have experience with kids, they have been examiners in certifying Institutes, they had academic paths similar to our students and much more and offer their service at home.


For these reasons we are able to offer a course at home in the city of Rome fitting your needs. Only with mother tongue. We don't ask you to subscribe to our course, made of X chapters, Y paragraphs, Z activities... we ask you the targets you have, we arrange together with you the difficulty levels of our lessons.

Access to the different targets that you can achieve with us.

Kids, school, University, Professionals, Companies... conversation, pronunciation, phonetic, comprehension... all with Native speakers. In Rome, inside and outside the GRA.


Which targets do you have?

Which level are you?

Talk about it with your mother tongue tutor during the first free lesson, always at home. We will give you a consultation about your English, we'll tell you what, in our opinion, needs an improvement and what you can aim for .


We enhance what you need.

We dedicate every minute of your lesson to learn as much as you can having a native speaker next to you. We give you some educational material, we give you homework to do, we explain to you yours mistakes, we show you your progresses, in a unique and customized way.


Only mother tongue teachers.


This is our curriculum. Study and learn a new language with who really knows it, with who can transmit the right sounds, the correct grammar bases, daily updated, the dialects, the expression that you'll really find speaking the language you want to learn.

Italian teachers are among the best in the world but no Italian, native speaker, will be able to speak English, German, Russian... as a mother tongue does.

Our teachers are mostly young boys and girls who study in Italy or that found in our country an amazing place to live in. they work hard in order to allow you to reach your targets.

They fit your needs, understand Italian, if needed, customizing the educational method according to your targets.

Many are graduated here in Italy, having studied at par; many others are managers of foreign enterprises in Italy, they all have a work curriculum and, specifically, in teaching that  you'll find unparalleled.

Contact us to know who's available in your area. Have a first free meeting and evaluate our preparation.

Do you like it? Keep studying with us and you'll achieve your goals.

You don't think he's the right teacher for you? We change teacher, empathy is fundamental to learn and we have more than 120 teachers all available.

Don't you like our method? Have a lesson and you don't pay anything!


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